[EU/US] Disc World – Mature Friendly Server, High Colab Newbies Welcome.

  • Server will be starting this afternoon. 4.30pm BST (British Summer Time)

    That's PST 8.30am, MST 9.30am, CST 10.30am, EST 11.30am

    So join our discord settle in and help shape the new world!

    Day – 1
    Server Name - Disc World
    Server Location – Houston TX
    Brief Description – We are a group of players who couldn't find a server we liked so created our own. New players welcomed as well as experienced.
    Server Admin – Pan
    Server Mods, Rabbit & Johan
    IP – Join discord, meet us, and get the IP
    Discord – discord.gg/yDJwXcd
    Mods - Perhaps later if there is real support for some.
    World Size - 3x (172x172)
    Difficulty – High Collaboration, 1.5x
    World Objective – Create a stable economy, build a thriving market place, destroy the meteor (30 days), don't pollute the planet.