Hare Reproduction o.0

  • I just began playing in this server, skyreachmc.com, and I noticed that there weren't any animals. At first I didn't quite care because I could just harvest Camas and Huckleberries for my food, but I was still confused as to how they all vanished. While exploring the graphs, for this specific server, I found that the hare population had a negative rate of reproduction.
    Here's a screen shot of the graph. (I hope it loads, I might have done it wrong)
    ^I tried, but I can't seem to do it ;-;
    I'm not quite sure if this a bug, or if this should naturally occur. This is the same case for both the wolves and the elks. It may be just a problem with the balance of the ecosystem. If this is already known please dismiss this, I just couldn't find it and thought I should report on it. Thank you all, and have a nice night!

  • Yep balancing problem, in fact its already fixed and will be in alpha 3 :)
    Of course there will be lots more balancing to do.

  • That's such fantastic news! Can't wait for the update, thanks John!! :D

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