Errant Realms Eco Server Medium Skill 4km world.

  • Good day,

    We are a North American Dedicated Eco server hosted in Montreal Canada. We are looking for more players to fill out our server and start an economy to ensure a more diversified and fun game play. Our only rule is listen to the admins and no griefing or harassment of other players verbally or in actions. Positive attitudes are heavily encouraged, this is a game about cooperation, economy and city development our fun is heavily reliant on the ability to be social. So please keep this in mind if you choose to join us on Errant Realms!

    We hope to see you in our server.

    Thanks and have an Eco friendly day.

    Server name: Errant Realms ECO MED 4KM
    Server IP:

    Server version: Latest

    Current world settings:

    World Size: 4km²
    Meteorite cycle: 30 days
    World start date: 2018/04/05

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