Bushfires and firefighting

  • Dear community,

    my idea is a new feature that make random bushfire and even constructional fires appear.
    This would be a great new feature regarding that a community of villagers has to volunteer and fight the bushfires to prevent the fire from spreading and to keep the air pollution low.

    But you could start fires on your own to clear large forests. Of course this will have a massive air pollution.

    You could start with a small wooden cart with a human powered pump to pump water from a small creek or river through a hose and extinguish the fire. Later, when technology is gained you could replace that cart with a small fire truck with its own tank and a gas powered pump.

    I hope someone is excited by my idea and can post it in the dev forum because i have no acces there.

  • Great idea.

    I also just thought of water carrying items for tier 1 construction. it came up as an idea before we get aqueducts for irrigation in farming.

    Firefighting is a great idea. Im surprised, we dont have weather in the game yet. Lightning strikes that hit dead grass, or trees could spark fires.

    A bucket could carry 1 volume(assuming water would get a weight similar to other items) of water and degrade over time like tools(non stack able when full)"

    A water cart could carry possibly 5 or 10 volumes of water, but the cart itself wont degrade over time. (although having vehicles degrade over time, could open up a new avenue of business for carpenters/engineers). the carts could stack water or stack the buckets." text

  • The problem with a wildfire is that the worlds are so small that a single fire could destroy the whole thing. So personally I don't think I'd feel that good about having fires added. :(

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