More threats to players

  • Loving this game so far. However..

    I believe the game would benefit largely with having more threats to the player. Considering you can throw yourself off a cliff and survive (only saying "ouch" and losing 10 calories), you can starve for eternity and you don't need to sleep. Not to mention how you can witness the asteroid colision and live to tell the tale. It would be so cool to have the option of bunkering down to try and survive the apocolypse if you weren't able to stop it.

    Some additions such as fall damage, starvation, hydration, stamina, and hostile animals (such as bears, lions, wolves and sharks in the water) would add so much immersion to the game and opportunity to add a medic profession.

    Also weather could coincide with the hydration thing pretty well if you could collect water from rain and store in water tanks, not to mention clouds and rain would look awesome in this game.

    Just a suggestion :)

  • Stamina is in the game, its the release of calories as you work.

    Starvation, though we dont DIE, you are affected by not gaining any skill points and thus cannot do any work till you eat.

    Hostile animals, their are wolves, but i do not think the dev, are ready to add more "predator animals" ..yet. i think the reason wolfs are in the game, is because if you were a kickstarter that payed over 400$ you got the ability to tame them. According to the kickstarter page, only 24 ppl paid that level. Also, i think they are also their to ensure the Elk, Hare, Turkey dont over populate.....who knows, i could be wrong.

    Hydration would be a great addition, we just need a tier 0 or 1 solution to gathering water. maybe tier 0 could be our hands to drink directly from water source, tier 1 could be a bucket/small water cart.....

    As for the immsersion of taking damage/dieing, i dont think thats what the developers are trying to create in this game.

  • horrible idea. IF he game made rational landscapes... nah. dying is for reality, not gaming. don't need animals chasing me around trying to eat me either. go play a fps.

  • I wouldn't want fall damage, hostile animals, or the possibility of dying in the game either. But I could see the use of having skill point reductions/burning through extra calories if the player is exposed to pollution. It would create an additional incentive to manage it carefully.

    Also, in case you didn't know, the ecosystem overall is based on western North America. That's why there is the specific set of fauna. So lions wouldn't be an option (unless down the road they make one for Africa), and although bears could be an option, the world size is probably too small to support a population of bears.

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