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  • Hi there, My name is Milenko and I will be looking after the art of ECO.
    I just came back to the team this week after 7 months of engagement elsewhere.
    In this thread, you can ask questions and I will try to answer whenever I get the time.
    Also, every now and then, I plan to post bits and pieces of pre-production artwork to get some feedback and pick people's brains. if you are an artist or just have questions about art, you can shoot them here.
    Nice to meet you all!

  • Hi! Will the final landscape by smooth like Skyrim or blocky like Minecraft? Or somewhere between the two? How will custom textures work in the game? Personally, I would love to be able to walk through this game as a fully immersive VR world.

  • In all honesty, we are at the beginning of production at the moment. Existing art was a prototype work mostly, so it is not indicative of the final product fully. I want the environments to be engaging and unique. "Somewhere in-between" would be the current answer but it is a marriage between art and tech and we are about to start exploring what we can do. It will definitely be some sort of stylized world, pleasant to exist in. I would like to retain voxel nature of the game, so it is definitely not going to end up looking like Skyrim. But no Minecraft either. A lot of it will be driven by what is technically possible, time-frame and available hands on the deck. Same goes for the custom textures. We are yet to find out what we can do with that. And will let you guys know when we do. As for VR walk-arounds, I would love that too :)

  • Hi @Milenko! What type of graphics will the game use? Im guessing PNG but maybe 3d models too? Im wondering for the texture pack type feature if knowing Photoshop CC would be enough or if a 3d modeling program would also be required? Thanks and good luck!

  • Are there plans of making the landscape Geomorphic at least? Having the ability to pull and twist the landscape would make it easier to implement things like erosion and volcanoes if only in mods. It would also add some interesting scenario possibilities such as the erosion impact of clear cutting forests and the down stream sediment problems.

    In regards to trees and plants, are they going to be entire 3D objects? Or will they follow a procedural animation approach?

  • @Elliander also the ability for land slides/ mud slides/ avalanches too...

  • That's true. When all the plants are removed from a hill that kind of thing will happen. Of course, it's more important to know if it will work that way in regards to understanding how the graphics will be.

    A good classic example of geomorphic landscapes is in the game "Populous: The Beginning" where the map is still a grid of boxes, but since a given box can have elevation values it stretches. The only issue with that approach here is that the map needs people to be able to remove materials like in minecraft. That introduces the problem of how small a unit could be and once you know that you can get a better idea of how best to work on graphical mods if and when needed.

  • So, to clarify, your involved with the concept art and not nessisarily game graphics. Correct? Can you tell me, someone with no game dev or art experience, what role you play in helping create this game?
    (Ps: the concept art is amazing btw)

  • Hey people, sorry for the absence, I have been setting up my little studio, and working on some bits and bobs over the past couple of days.
    @SnowHalo - for your first question, the game is fully 3D, so it uses both 3D meshes and textures, and yes the PNG format is the one most commonly used. For textures, any version of Photoshop would do, and even Gimp. In regards to 3D, I use 3D Max, but any 3D softweare that can output FBX file format would do, depending on people's proficiency. In the course of production (and it is going to be a year and a half process) I intend to do a couple of tutorials, and if there are people interested, perhaps a hangout or two, explaining how it works.
    In regards to your second question, that is a question for the game design people, I just try to make things pretty and consistent. Other people worry about how they work :)
    @Ellander -we are still deciding on the final look, but I think we will be leaning towards the more "cubey" world- improved/polished version of the stuff you see int he prototype video with a few extra blending types. It is not fully set yet, so I will keep you posted. Any questions about gameplay (landslides, erosion) should go to the game designers. They tell me what they need, and I provide, that is how we work.
    @ Headgamer -I am a bit of a jack of all trades. I started my career as a designer for animated TV shows back in 90s and then moved in games. I did everything from concept art to modelling /texturing /animating. I am not very good at animating though, but I will be outsourcing to my friends and former colleagues for the bits of the job that they are better at.
    you can check some of my personal work here:

    Anyhow, thanks for the questions and keep them coming.
    Cheers to all.

  • Please do a tutorial. Or a few. I would love to learn how to create art and possibly be able to contribute my own art to the game.

  • @Milenko I really liked your drawings, but couldn't find out what 90's shows you worked on. So do you think you will be making stylized character "parts" to be like a cartoon character? It would be an interesting approach if it felt like you were inside an animated world. Especially if players could highly customize what they look like.

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