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  • I posted pretty much the same over on the steam forums, but I rarely see any dev replies over there in suggestions and not sure how much anyone looks at it. I know it's been mentioned before in different ways. I'm not sure how the game has been in dev for so long and still has a server list like this. Here's my post:

    Server list still needs serious improvements
    Still no sort function other than the default ms, which is awful because it just causes the server list to jump about. The search function isn't really very useful either.

    Most servers under the 'public' list are passworded, there's no way to see if a server is passworded before you try to join (most games have a padlock icon). Which then means you have to go back to the server list and wait for it to jump around for 5 mins before it's vaguely useable once again. The 'stop' function help's a bit with this but it's not ideal.

    Servers that aren't passworded half the time fail to connect, it's not just me my friend has the same issue as well.

    We go to play ECO, want to join a public server, ideally in the first few days - which narrows down the options a lot. Having no sort function by either users, users online or day is a really inconvienient thing.

    Usually after about 10-15 mins of trying to find newer servers, going through a load that are passworded or fail to connect for whatever reason (show incompatible servers isn't ticked) we give up and play something else.

    I do not understand how ECO has such a bad server list with so little functionality. Games like Quake and UT had better more user friendly lists 15 years ago. You can't even highlight a server and have it keep place in the list. We end up having to quickly favourite a few just to look at the details.

    Yes I understand totally we can both host our own server / play by ourselves but that isn't really the idea behind the game and we'd rather join a newer server online.

    It can't just be us that feels this way, I've seen a lot of other posts about the server list. I can't understand why it still hasn't been fixed. Its like the dev's have never actually tried finding and joining an online server.

    I don't mean to come off as rude, but this is currently the number one factor that prevents us playing. Once you find a server it's all good, but with a more limited playtime (both have families) this is quite a big negative experience.

  • Please add Ideas to EcoIssues.

  • Will do, thanks. New to these forums wasn't aware of that site.

  • You're welcome :)

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