Alternative way to play

  • First off, I love the game so far. I haven't' progressed much myself but I can totally see myself playing this long-term.
    My suggestion would be to make a VR compatible option available, similar to what SubNautica offers, players could choose how they want to play. To be able to step into this world in VR would be beyond amazing!

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  • I actually have a FOVE eye tracking VR dev kit, and this is something that I have been interested in doing from the beginning. I'd take it further though: When eye tracking is available, the cross hairs would be separate from the head movement, but for that it seems like I'd have to create a new camera entirely to replace the unity camera.

    I also have a neural interface device, and I wanted to implement thought commands, but that would have to wait for a VR company to partner with a neural interface company because both have to be worn on the head.

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