First Playthough Feedback

  • For some background my girlfriend and I played on a pretty active high-collaboration server on 7.3.0 and 7.3.1. I'd estimate typically 7 people online during progression and twice that at its peak. I joined the server on the 2nd day, where most people had pretty good mortared stone structures and played through till the laser was constructed.

    I understand that the game is a work in progress and some of these items will be resolved in time, but I am going to list them all for completeness. What I am not going to focus on are bugs, as we all know they exist and need to be fixed eventually.

    I'll just go through this in chronological order of my thoughts while playing:

    • The server browser needs work urgently or a tip to check the 3rd party server trackers or something. This is the first thing new players experience when starting the game. Finding a relatively new server was very difficult and it was important to me to find one where I wouldn't be lightyears behind everyone in skill points.

    • New players need something to do if they join late into a server. Right now, it appears like you are either relegated to a gathering profession, or you essentially sit idle and hope you can get access to the next book/profession to blow all your points on. Existing players gain skill 2-3 times faster than someone with nothing, and since efficiency skill is critical, it can be hard to break into the market with fewer SP.

    • I managed to catch back up via triangular trading between different credits until I got a cart and then enough materials and food to set me up with a decent diet and home. I think I was fairly lucky here as if anyone else had been doing it, I would have had to burn a billion calories chopping wood and mining for ages. This was actually the most interesting part of the game for me, though it pretty much went away once the global currency was released. Would be nice if there was something in the tooltip to show if someone was selling something or wanted something. Might make it too difficult to read though.

    • Casting profession is bizarre. Level 1 of this skill does nothing. Rivets (lv 2) are not used for anything. Gears (lv 2) are primarily used after oil drilling. Level 3 of this skill does nothing. Steel Rivets (lv 4) are not used for anything. Rebar (lv 4) only requires a few for the entire game to make the oil skill book. This is what I dumped my points into and got virtually nothing out of. These things need to be used for something or move the items into a different tree until it becomes useful enough to live off of.

    • Efficiency is not competitive between ranks. Someone with level 5 efficiency can make 1.75 / 2.5 / 3.25 / 4 / 5 items with the same mats it takes to make one at level 4 / 3 / 2 / 1 / 0 efficiency. If you have a competitor in your market, whoever has the lower rank efficiency will be absolutely crushed. That's 75% increased cost for an item between 4 and 5, not even close to the "is this worth the time to craft and SP to skill, or should I just lower my margin" range that would make the decision interesting.

    • Roads needs some kind of rebalance. Maybe roadbuilding in general. Dirt roads seem pointless as they give the same speed bonus (0%) as any unmodified terrain for everything except high-tier transport. Stone roads give a modest (20%) speed boost to transport, but they're calorie and time intensive from digging (unless you build elevated) and cost a lot of materials to construct. I'm not sure you would ever make back the time spent digging and mining to make up for it. Roadbuilding also seems to only make money by selling these stone roads which aren't really that desirable. I saw maybe one roadbuilding contract fulfilled to make a dirt road in town, which never was upgraded. Being able to construct toll roads, or more realistically bridges/tunnels would be an effective way to make money with roadbuilding.

    • Seems very difficult to "lose" the game. Basically, nothing creates enough air pollution to kill the planet. You'd have to be running a bunch of furnaces like 24/7 to overcome the CO2 removed by plants. Tailings are maybe the only thing which can really screw you up it seems. Either that or maybe my server was just really good at managing the environment. I didn't feel threatened at any time.

    • After you've established your profession(s) there is not much more to do. I've filled out only advanced smithing essentially with all the skill points in my entire playthrough. After I started pumping out steel and steel pipes, I was basically just waiting for the people who had hoarded their points for oil/electronics/industry to build their stuff and end the game. I could have built a bigger house, but the skill points required for the next investment would be huge and I would never be on par with those who had saved up for that profession thanks to efficiency scaling. Server pretty much died as the game progressed.

    Would have liked to see the government system but apparently it was jacked up and kept crashing the server, so didn't get to see ay of that.

    Game has potential and I look forward to seeing what gets added.


  • I agree with a lot of your points but I did want to point out for roadbuilding, while yes I agree stone/asphalt roads are SUPER expensive to make they are sort of worth it. Once you get to powered carts, grass and dirt roads have a -20% speed debuff to them (and I'd imagine this also applies to excavators and the planned vehicles) so it's actually a 40% buff for stone roads and a 70% buff for asphalt roads.

  • Good feedback, and some good points on balancing.

    The last point, nothing to do after youve established your profession, curious why you weren't incentivized enough to get another specialty, or upgrade specialties? The ideas is that each branch of the skill tree will need steady progression and advanvcement.

    Toll roads is great we'll definitely do that.

    I want to make laws for new players as well, that they can get things from the government decided by laws.

    Server browser update is in progress now.

  • The last point, nothing to do after youve established your profession, curious why you weren't incentivized enough to get another specialty, or upgrade specialties? The ideas is that each branch of the skill tree will need steady progression and advanvcement.

    The short version is that I didn't have the skill points to compete with people who had selected the new skills. The new specialties were very expensive SP-wise and as I mentioned before, if you're not on par with your efficiency skill, that means there's no way you'll be competitive in the market (making the skill essentially worthless). Going over the route I chose:

    Smith/Smelting/Metalworking 4 first because no one would sell me a blast furnace. 36 points

    Smith/Advanced Smelting/Casting 4 & Efficiency 3 before I realized it wasn't going to make me any money. 135 points

    Smith/Advanced Smelting/Alloy Smelting 2 (3 & 4 do nothing) & Efficiency 5 & Speed 5. This was my next best bet as I only had one competitor here, and while he was ahead of me, there was only one person to fight for it. Probably should have stayed away from speed to keep an extra 50. 215 points.

    By the time I had maxed out the alloy tree, people had already picked up oil/electricity/industry and I just really didn't have the skill points to catch up in a reasonable amount of time. I had already struggled to catch up with alloys and made enough money for a half decent house. I decided to go with Smith/Advanced Smelting/Steelworking 4 & Efficiency 5 as the only competitor had only 3 in efficiency. 260 points. This didn't pan out for me as well because most people had either bought lights by the time I got there or had stopped playing.

    That's 646 points total and we were basically done on day 12 for an average of 53 points per day. I also missed a day or two which didn't help. Essentially at the beginning of the game I had a pretty small house and meh diet, making upper 40s or mid 50s per day. Once I finished alloys I had moved up to about 70, and with my lights installed I'm at 90ish. One person on the server has a house that by itself gives him 86 points per day, though most are around 40. I could do better on the house now but don't see the point.

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