How can I improve my huckleberries farm?

  • I have a row of water once every other row within a 5x5 plot, but the moisture level is still extremely low - 35%ish. I'm not sure If I fully understand how moisture work, cause I find that even an underwater dirt block only has ~65% mois, how am I supposed to get it to an optimal level of 75%?

  • Keep us updated about your test results, please.

  • I think that if u build a raised area **around ** the "chunks" (use propertly claim flags to see the size and locations of the chunks) that your huckleberries are in (preferably on flat land) , it will raise the moisture levels. if u dig a ditch around them, it would lower the moisture levels /\

  • There's a hill - about 3 blocks high, right next to me but the moisture is worse. I ended up finding a new spot about 200m away instead.

  • Try to use bricks to channel the water, you need level 2 bricklaying to make them

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