Make Eco Great Again

  • Hi there,

    after playing on several public servers which all seem to break or become inactive after a couple of days i decided to host one from my pc.

    The servers up and running and I have 4 friends connected and playing.

    Cant seem to get the server to list publicly, so i thought i would list here to try get some advice about how to sort that.

    Also if anyone wants to join let me know and i will give the server ip
    Server created - 4/4/18
    Medium collab
    very low skills on crafting
    everything else is default.

  • PMd

  • Hello, I have been looking for a server to join and learn
    I haven't had the game long so I need to learn.

    hope to hear from you soon

  • Server back up after a crash at some point last night

  • hey i think steam updated the game. I'm unable to rejoin the server comes up with beta 7.3.2 is an incompatible version.

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