Alpha Rewards not working

  • Hey Eco,
    I love the game! I supported it last year and love to see the game growing. Now I do have a question about the Alpha Rewards. I have these in one server I made in single player mode (1-3 players) but this was just a test. I am playing on public servers now, but in none of them I seem to have the Alpha Rewards. I tried making a new game again and still had no luck. Maybe it is because I linked the game to steam? Or is it because I bought a few new upgrades. However, is there a way to fix this.
    Thanks for this amazing game!

  • Please take a look at EcoIssues or contact SLG support directly.

    Unfortunately I wasn't aware of Eco before it went beta. So no clue at all.

  • Thanks for your fast reply, I have contacted support and created an issue.

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