Currency bug

  • Hello,

    I whanted report a bug on currency for actual ECO version beta.

    It's when the leader of the world set negative taxe that cause bug.

    When someone buy in your store with a currency who havn't Tresory, the negative taxe agree him to pay less money.
    So when no Tresory in the currency , if people buy for more that they have money, everything become free for them.

    Ex: Player A have the store. And player B have 50 $. A glass is selling 1 $ in the shop.
    If player B bought to player A for 60 glass (so for 60$, more money than player B have) so player B take the 60 glass free and give no money to player A.

    So negative taxe in a currency who havn't tresory make that bug when player try to buy more than they have money.

  • Please report bugs at EcoIsses on GitHub. Maybe your bug was posted before so do a quick search before opening a new one.

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