Question for those on developer or higher tier

  • Hello,
    A friend linked me this game today and I think the idea of it is great. I noticed that there is a developer tier purchase option which says "Ability to submit changes for possible integration. Direct connection with the team and ability to chat with them and share task planning." So I'm wondering how this works out in actuality. Do they ever really take code changes from those in the developer tier or include them in discussions? Or is it just a ploy to get those interested in such things to spend more money as some other productions have done previously.

    I ask because I'm a developer myself, a pretty good one actually (I know that sounds boastful but it's simply true). I've been looking for a descent hobby project that interests me to spend a few hours here and there working on. I have no doubts I could make great contributions to any project I worked on, however I don't want to invest time in something to run into a wall with the types of developers that don't like to get help from outside. I've ran into those kinds before on a previous game that I will not name here. I spent about 30 hours refining and vastly improving their server client communications, only for them to never actually include it in their code. One response I finally got from them on it even specifically said they weren't really interested in having other people's code in their project that they only used it to get ideas for writing their own code. That was rather annoying to have put effort in to make real improvements to their game for free, for them to turn their noses up at it.

    So, if this game is like that as well and the developers aren't really interested in outside help, that is fine. I will probably still consider getting a basic tier access because I do like the concept.



  • Hey Menaan, we've already taken code from multiple dev tier backers: web client hosting, ecosystem web display, linux port, mac fixes. And thats totally separate from the mods people have been making. Would be great to have your help, we work mostly through Slack and if you can jump in there you can work very closely with the team and community.

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