[Server Bug] Laws desappears after each reboot.

  • I couldnt find any other Threads about this with the Search on the forum so i guess nobody reported it here yet.. Anyway to fix that issue that laws get removed after each reboot of server. The only law that stays is the Citizen one..

    Thank you

  • Do you have a backup after a law has gone live? Just in case you haven't shut down the server properly.
    Otherwise I suggest asking #support at Discord.

  • This happens on our server too, and you can't create a backup like you say...because now with 7.3.1 every time a law is proposed it crashes the server.

  • A backup is done automatically by default every 4 hours. You can find them in [Path]\Eco\Eco_Data\Server\Storage\Backup[YourWorldGame-Date-Time]\


    1. tested to create a law and passed it in beta staging-64804594
    2. tested to create a law and passed it in beta

    and both versions work without problem.

    So I can't confirm what you're saying, @HoozHak.
    I can think of various reasons but I suggest asking #support at Discord for live explanation. They should talk you through much easier than exchanging posts here.
    Please report what your issue was afterwards so that others can profit, too.

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