Stockpile transfers - Exploit or Legit?

  • One thing we do on our server is create a chain of stockpiles, sometimes 20 or so in a row, across the map, to quickly move items from A to B. We will place stockpiles at max distance so that when you look under the storage tab you only see three stockpiles, and then transfer materials from one to the next. For example, in a chain of stockpiles 1 through 10, rather than picking up every item by hand, or putting it in a cart, we'd access stockpile 2, and move everything from 1 to 3. Then we'd go to 4, and move everything from 3 to 5... and so on until we've moved an entire stockpile a quarter way around the globe.

    While it's a great thing, it feels like an exploit and, in a game where the developers are focused on ensuring players manage externalities, this system is a quick and calorie free way to move heavy stuff long distances, far quicker than you could have, even if you'd used a cart. Granted, if this is what the developer wants, so be it, but personally, I like games to be has realistic as possible and this isn't.

    Perhaps a fix would be prohibiting stockpiles and chests from recognizing other storage devices. Or, if that wouldn't work, stop players from using the storage tab to transfer items from one box to another... they could SEE what's available, but they couldn't specifically move it.

  • While you're right, you can use this as an exploit, deactivating movement between storage devices would do much more harm.
    Stockpiles and chests have a very limited range. That said it's hard enough to manage an industrial area to minimize dragging intermediate goods around. If you would have to pick up 7 ingots a time and walk it to the next chest you'd stop playing. Wooden carts are slow and handling is critical at ramps or corners. Not to mention powered carts. Without proper tools you have to be creative like dragging 25 stacks multiple times. Digging a tunnel is a pain in the ass and while I haven't done it by myself I've come up with a similar idea to use a cart and stockpiles to help our chain gang ;) Or make use of stockpiles for a deep mine - now there are elevators introduced. Simple rails and mine carts were used since the 16th century - Eco has none of the yet. When the tools are available less exploits will be used. At least I hope so.
    Nonetheless you should post it at EcoIssues. Maybe they need a reason to start implementing more tools ;)

  • Exploit or not, I can't see them doing anything to change it without fundamentally altering the game. It's a side effect of linked inventories and removing the ability to transfer between inventories will hurt the game more than this 'exploit' does.

    Besides I'd still rather use a truck once they're released. I hate moving full stockpiles around, it feels like I'm getting carpal tunnel when I do it. As efficient as it is I can't imagine how much I'd hate moving full stockpiles down a line of 20 across the world. Haha

  • Cool. Thanks for the thoughts and feedback.

  • I wish transferring Items would be even a bit more simple.

    Right now when moving stuff from one stockpile to an other you have to click, scroll and drag the Items to where you want. And you can only move like a stack of 5 dirt at once. Still you are able to carry 10 of it with your shovel.

    Instead of all the scrolling and perfectly aiming with the mouse (which appears to be kinda hard, because when being just a little off you have to do it again). think its easier to just carry it if its just a few stockpiles away. For longer distances using the cart is fine too.

    I would agree on it being an exploit when you would have a simple way to move your items around that would just take seconds to move one stockpile to an other. But thats not possible as far as I can see.

    But what I would like tho is that when my Research table can reach to one stockpile, that It could also reach all attached stockpiles. Right now I am pretty organized and have one stockpile for stone, one for bricks, one for wood, and one for ores. But none of my tables is able to reach every other stockpile which makes it quite annoying moving items around. Especially since you have to click and drag the Items onto your carry slot.

    As it seems stockpiles can have linked inventories but they dont really seem to use them. Or I just havent figured out how. I mean when a research table need stone and the stockpile knows where to get it... why not getting it?

    Is there a neat key combination to get an items to your carry slot faster?

  • You can move all linked inventory up and down - except powered vehicles (two lines :().
    This way you can move output storage on top and input storage below. Linking is necessary.
    You can drag a stack from one storage into another without using your carry/inventory.

    If you're playing solo you can modify the range of any storage.
    In [Path]\Eco\Eco_Data\Server\Mods\Objects\StockpileObject.cs you could increase LinkComponent for instance. I won't give you a full and complete list, just explore the files if that's fine for you. Keep in mind that the farther an item can reach the more Eco has to calculate. For solo this may be fine but as soon as you start playing with others that's not working anymore.

  • @Thineboot Thank you thats useful information.

    still I think it takes long enough already to show all available inventories so I think I will not edit anything on that.

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