Want to level up offline in my solo game

  • I started a game on eco and played for several hours. I was looking forward to coming back a day later with all the new skillpoints to spend, but when I came back, time hadn't passed in game and no skill points were earned.
    I realized I needed to set up a server to have the "persistent world" and I did that (by downloading and running Eco server on steam), but it just generated a new world. I tried deleting the files for the world that was created for the server, and copying over my Eco world files into the Eco_server World folder, but it won't accept them; When I boot up the server, it ignores the copied files and just generates a new world again.

    In short. I just want to generate skillpoints without having to keep the game running, and without losing the progress I've already made. Is there some small thing I'm doing wrong thats preventing me from turning my solo world into a persistent server, or is this some Non-compatibility problem where a world that started out as a "Non-server" game cant be converted into a server game?

  • The easiest way would be to ask #support at Discord. The guys answering there have done more tests and know more than I do especially when it's about various setups.
    You can start your private server with [SteamPath]\Eco\Eco_Data\Server\EcoServer.exe, too. When you start Eco that's what happens when you create or join your own private world in background.
    To change your Configs you can do that or use Chat >> /openserverui where you can change various settings.
    Unless you wanna play with all the settings and try to learn by doing I suggest to ask in #server as you'll probably get a fast and precise answer.

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