Game Crash Server Offline

  • Hello All,
    due to a power supply Problem my game crashed (PC shutodown).
    After restart ALL Servers are offline in m Favorites.

    Even he is not putting / loading all These thoousands of Servers in my list.
    Nothing happens even when I wait.

    I already deinstalled and installed it again. I shut down the Firewall.

    Still ALL Servers Offline. No Servers loading in list.

    So I Need Help.

  • BTW I started again with some Tests and can tell that even the creation of single Player worlds does not work anymore. Hes doing a lot of stuff and then there Comes the Wheel forever and no world starts, onyl CTRL-F4 works to Close the game. So it worked fine till yesterday and now nothing works anymore even after restart. So how should I Play this game which costs 30€ for one week gaming? Today I'm more then disappointed so far.

  • Well, you've mentioned a power supply Problem on your side which forced you PC to shut down. Maybe there was more harm done than you think.
    You can either contact SLG support or visit #support at Discord and ask in chat for help.

  • No. It was just empty Akku. And all games are working fine. Reinstall didnt work but ECO is not working since the update Solo and Multiplay.

  • Eco isn't running for you. Not only I have no problem to run Eco with - Which indicates that there has to be something else, not just Eco is not working since the update Solo and Multiplay.
    Again I suggest either contacting SLG support or visiting #support at Discord. See links in my signature. The probably fastest way would be #support chat as there are people who deal with this kind of problem all day long.

  • As this could be used as a search help for other steam users have the same issue, here is the solution to this Problem with steam update and game data:

    Steam has had a couple of issues and for a few people not fully removed files that it should have and people have gotten mixed up versions of files in their game and its caused problems like this. You have to do a very clean install Its really important to do all these steps. First if you have an singleplayer saved games go to your steamlibrary common/Eco/Eco_data/Server/Stoarge and save the worlds there bith the .eco and .db files. then right click on Eco in steam and do an uninstall. Then shut steam down and go back to steamlibrary common.and delete anything of Eco left behind. Then yo to appdata/LocalLow/Strange Loop Games/ and delete the Eco folder. Then start steam back up and install Eco.

    [HINT: appdata is in your Users directory usually like Users/<machine name>/appdata its a hidden directory so you will have to tell windows to let you see it]

    That should, hopefully get you a working version. You may ahve to double check that Eco is still listed in your firewall and in your AV program as an exception

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