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  • Hi,
    First thing, apologize my english.

    I try to understand (almost) every line in the file "".
    I can't find anything about it on the forum.
    Is there already a documentation everywhere ? if yes : where is it ?

    For example, in the generation of the plateau, I've made some tests, but it's a long work because I need to create a new world each time and the modifications are not so obvious.
    Here my actual setting (for Plateau) :
    "Plateau": {
    "$id": "5",
    "CliffStopsBeingSheerAtAngle": 5.0,
    "CliffSheernessStartInterpolate": 1.5,
    "MinPlateauHeight": -0.1,
    "CliffChance": 0.0001,
    "RadiusRange": {
    "min": 28.0,
    "max": 32.0
    "SlopeRange": {
    "min": 0.0,
    "max": 0.5
    "RadiusNoiseFreq": 0.9,
    "SplitPercentHeight": 0.9,
    "StartSplittingAtRadiusPercent": 0.9,
    "MinHeightToCarveUndercut": 2.0,
    "OverhangChance": 0.9,
    "MarkWithBlockType": {}

    I can say (but I'm not sure) that
    "RadiusRange": {
    "min": 28.0,
    "max": 32.0
    set the diameter of the plateau
    but I can't find how to set the height max.
    It was just for the example, but I'm sure we could create a world like we want if we could understand all this file.
    Make more plain and/or create mountains not just hills. Or make less or more ocean on the globe. (for this I already have modified the water level and height [of the world] but it's not "nice", I get more sand and "desert" zone, but where the water is supposed to be I can't get tree or hills or plains...) Etc.

    That's why I'm searching help to understand this :)

  • Have you tried to use EcoServer.exe or Chat >> /openserverui ? That would be an easier approach ;)

    You can probably find others who try to test out various values on Discord.

  • EcoServer.exe no, but I will check this
    And I didn't know this chat command, I will check it too. But a chat command is after the generation of the world, you think it may do something anyway ?

    Oh ! The discord ... I've completely forgot it :)

    Thanks for this quick answer

  • Use Chat >> /? and you'll find many more commands.
    Use Chat >> /[command] ? and you'll see possible parameters.

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