crash when trying to create new world after an update

  • The game appears to be having trouble creating a new world or connecting to an old one after an update.

    Steps after an update:

    • Launch Game
    • Select New
    • Enter Name
    • Leave Collaboration selector at No Collaboration
    • Check Generate New and Skillpoints on Crafting
    • Click Start
    • Click Yes
    • At Compiling Mods phase, game minimizes to task bar. New Crash TargetInvocationException.ecodmp file is generated in Eco\Eco_Data\Server\Dump.
      Crash TargetInvocationException 03284949.ecodmp
    • When I click back into the still Running client, I am greeted with "Connection Failed" prompt.
    • Clicking on the screen then goes back to the main menu.

    To get past this, I deleted everything in the game directory, and then re-verified the cache. Once that was done, the game started working again.

  • Please check out EcoIssues and add your own in case you can't locate a similar case and/or ask #support on Discord for fast and proper answer.

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