Whovania Mod v.14 for 7.3.3

  • Greetings one and all!

    Here comes the list:

    New Food Items

    Fish head soup, Grill Salmon, Tuna salad, Bake salmon, Fishsticks, Tuna Casserole, Fish tacos, Tuna fish Sandwich, Spicy clam chowder, and Fish fillet!
    (NOW you got a good reason to fish!)

    New oils to be made with Both Huckleberry seeds, Corn seeds, Beet seeds, Tomato seeds, Prickly Pear Seeds and Wheat Seeds.

    MILK! Eco's first drink? Now you can say YES when people ask you if you got this!

    Five New Food items for Late Game, made in(on) the Kitchen!

    Upgrade Tools!

    Upgrade old tools to the next tier! Most made on Anvil, while Modern made at the Factory!


    Those who have maxed out levels in Tailoring can recycle old starter backpack and clothing!
    Those who have maxed out levels in Basic Craft can recycle old workbenches and campfires!
    Those who have maxed out levels in Woodworking can recycle wood pulp!
    Those who have maxed out levels in AlloySmithing can reduce tailings!
    Those who have maxed out levels in Road Construction can recycle old stone roads and ramps

    Changes to vehicles:

    Small and Wooden carts can carry more, and a small speed for Wooden Carts increase depending on road type.

    Power carts small speed increase on Stone and Asphalt, but major decrease on Dirt!

    Biodiesel used on Power carts is now back

    New items:

    Bigger Storage Chest!

    World Changes:

    Your carried items now stack to 20 while holding them, or in carts!

    Shovels now can grab 20 items from a stockpile/carts instead of 1!

    Fixed the wording of Tailings so it is not so misleading.

    A MAJOR THANK YOU for the help and artwork goes to Phlo!!!!

    Phlo has done an amazing job of artwork to these new icons!

    All but six item from the food list has new icons!

    Note: Bigger Chest lost the skin(was cheating and using the in-game skin, seems they removed/moved it) It will be a White box until I can make Eco and Unity play nice, or I can get help with it.

    New Update! Version 0.14

    Fixed Bug with Milk and Rice Pudding being backward.

    Fixed Grill Salmon not being really Grilled.

    Added: Increase speed of cart, small cart, and power carts on ramps by .05%

    <Mod is Outdated>

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