Brand new 200x200 (possibly larger) server

  • Hey everybody!

    I've just started really getting into Eco and I'm loving it. I would love to host a server of my own and I need people to join me so that it works!

    My current plan is:

    • To create a 200x200 world. This can be increased if we have a large number of people, although larger world size causes folks with less powerful computers to lag fairly fiercely.
    • Set the skillpoints to 1.5x
    • Set the meteor to crash in 30-45 days. Hoping the community will help decide that, both in size and vocality.
    • Keep it password protected. This one will definitely happen as I don't need any ol' person jumping into the server. Need some medium of control.
    • Focus on keeping it limited to light roleplaying. No, I don't care if everybody assumes their roles within the server. But I do request that we don't just build square boxes all over the place and trash the environment. I would like to shoot for some semblance of civilization!

    That all being said, I have a Discord server that I'm launching as well. Its purpose is to provide gamers a place to find others with common interests. The server will grow and change (quite literally as in the case of text channels) as the population grows and people vote on games they currently play.

    If you do not have Discord, feel free to comment on this message or message me directly. Otherwise, please follow the link below to join the Discord!

    Thanks in advance and I hope to find like minded people!
    Sgt Space Sloth

    Discord Link:

  • Hello everyone! We've been open for about 5-6 days now. Things are going beautifully in our little community!

    We are still looking for active members that would like to join and grow the server. We are currently hosting at:
    Password: 321Sloths

    This IP is subject to change, so join the Discord from the original post to stay updated.