AdminUtils and GroupManager for

  • Updates for Eco Beta

    All of my mods have been updated for Relatively little changed in the update, outside of some backend updates. The one big change of note, is the the command /maxhousingskillrate was removed from AdminUtils and AdminUtilsSolo.
    I also created a GitHub page for bugs/issues, suggestions, and questions for my mods. Everyone is welcome to make posts for bug and suggestions under the issues section of the GitHub page. The page can be found here.


    The license that comes with any download of AdminUtils can also be found here on my website. By downloading or installing my mods, you are agreeing to the license.


    AdminUtils v4.1.0
    AdminUtilsSolo v1.2.0
    GroupManager v1.0.2

    Change Log

    Removed the command /maxhousingskillrate.
    Updated the mods for Eco Beta

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