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  • I purchased the game through Steam. When there's an update, I am unable to find patch notes. I've checked "News" on the Steam updates page after the download is done. I've looked in the Steam "Discussions" for Eco, and on this forum, and on the Strange Loop Games website. Are patch notes available somewhere?

  • Located patch notes, you have to get it from Discord: Need to sort that, put a link to it on the front page of the website? Maybe a link on the Steam page? Not everyone wants to use Discord, (or Steam for that matter) third-party programs.

  • While you're right, not everyone loves Discord and/or Steam is, as the link states, on their very own website ;)

    A way to circumvent Steam is to create an account at SLG registration. You can download the latest release and the actual staging release there, too. You can login after starting Eco without starting Steam using your SLG account name and password. Steam won't even know that you are playing Eco.

  • Yes, the link is to the website, but see if you can find a reference to that link anywhere but Discord. That's entirely the point, there's no obvious link on the website or on Steam for that change log page.

    I have no love for Discord, hence my suggestion (idea) of putting the link somewhere where we can actually find it.

    I don't know why you're telling me how to circumvent Steam, I don't think your suggestion would actually work anyway. I already have a Steam account linked to my SLG account, but because I purchased it through Steam there's no download page available for my account on the SLG site. I see "Support", "Upgrades", "Road Map" and "Logout" under the "Account" menu, nothing else. I don't care about this, I update through Steam and it works fine.

    To get back on topic here, the problem is the lack of communication: there is no easy way to find the patch notes unless you're using the official Discord channel. The "Idea" (which is the point of this forum section), is to put the link to the change log on Steam, the game menu and/or the official website. The change log page that I linked looks great by the way, why not share it everywhere possible?

  • Yes, you're right, the lack of information by SLG other than on their website and discord channel is a bit frustrating.

    You don't like Discord and while I'm not a fan either I've managed to keep my privacy intact. That's why I thought you may not like Steam, too.
    I've bought Eco at SLG not only because the developer gets more money but it was cheaper, too. I don't know whether this makes a difference but I can download Eco at SLG and using my SLG name and password I can login in Eco without using Steam. So it works for me and you should also be able to do so having a SLG account, too.

    Back to topic I'd suggest you create an EcoIssue at GitHub. If you don't like GitHub for some reason tell me and I'll do it referring to you as you've posted it in the first place.


  • A followup to change log and Steam: Steam Store >> 7.3 is here! >> For the full change log for 7.3, click here.

  • I now see the same downloads page as you see, it wasn't there before when I last checked, thanks for pointing that out! As far as posting on Github, I see no need. The changelog link's been posted on Steam as I'd suggested, perhaps they were just slow to do so or maybe they saw this thread, I'll never know. :) Thanks for your help Thineboot!

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