My Nutrition is Filling past the edges, will fill screen. What setting is doing this?

  • This has happened once before, but it's been a long time. I just set up the server and tweaked most plants and animal values, a couple other small things. I can't figure out what I did that is causing my hunger/ nutrition circle to fill past the edges... it will eventually fill the whole screen if i don't /vomit.

    I want to get this fixed quickly, any help?
    Thanks :)

  • Well, you tweaked most [...] values.
    To figure out which of your tweaks caused the behavior you're describing what should someone else do?
    If you wanna track down what caused it save your tweaked config and remove half of it and test the result. Still problem? Split the active tweaks in half and start over. Otherwise do the same using the other half. You have to narrow down the tweak that causes this not just saying I have tweaked a lot, help me ;)

  • I realized it was going up with every action I preformed. It's still bugged if it's able to overfill the border of the nutrition area and take up the screen... but I'm starting to wonder if may be it is because all my skills are maxed (why I am getting a nutrition bonus with actions. I thought about trying to see if I unlearn the calorie efficiency or one of those. Thank you for the quick reply, and if you have any other ideas let me know :) Thank you again, and I'll try to remember to update once I've unlearned skills and tested my theory.

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