settings for faster tree growing?

  • Hi im playing about a week now (1-2 hours per day) and my trees are still not growing. Are there settings to decrease the growing time for trees?

  • Trees need days to grow, not hours.
    I assume you're playing local:
    Chat >> //openserverui >>>> Simulation >> Config >> Species >> Collection >> ... rest at your discretion. Just check out the different trees and values.
    You can also change other parameters in the UI.
    At the end you have to save them and restart Eco.

  • oh ok thank you :)

  • I'm not at home right now, but the file you have to edit in if i remember right the variable is "MaturityAgeDays". Every plant and animal has one.

    Personally i have found reducing the values to 1/4 of the default makes tree farming in a solo world possible.

    Always make a backup copy of any file you plan to edit incase you break it.

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