Internet loss after server connection failure

  • Eco Version: 7.2.5
    OS Version: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, build 16299)
    Router: Netgear
    Router Hardware Version: WNDR3700v4
    Router Firmware Version: V1.0.2.96
    Windows Firewall is On
    AntiVirus is Off

    Repro steps:

    1. Launch Eco
    2. Select "Join"
    3. Join a server that can't be successfully connected to. For example, a password-protected " Gameserver".
    4. After the connection fails, try to join another server, and continue doing this up to three times.

    By the 3rd attempt or earlier, the server list will be empty after returning from the failed connection attempt, and pressing refresh/stop has no effect. Additionally, alt-tabbing out of Eco to view my connection status indicator in the task-bar shows a connection problem, and other devices on the network also experience an interruption. I found this to be repeatable, with no interruptions occurring over the course of 2 days, except when attempting the repro steps above. I also noted a great deal of instability in the app itself. It would often hang indefinitely on a connection attempt, or crash after I returned to the main menu and attempted to quit.

    Definitely no internet interruptions, and the server list should remain stable through multiple connection attempts.

  • Check out EcoIssues and you'll probably find exactly this bug as similar issus are posted multiple times. I know this behavior, too. Running on similar specs like yours.

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