[contribution] Eco Dedicated server in docker

  • Hi all,
    I have created some files to be able to run a dedicated eco server in a docker environment. Doing so should make setting up and scaling the servers a little easier and more robust. The image works quite well for me so far, and so I'd like to share it with you for your use.
    Extract the files to a folder, add a current zipped set of files of the eco server to that folder (just how you download it from the web page), and rename it 'EcoServer.zip'. Then move to that folder in a shell (linux) or a powershell/cmd (windows) and type 'docker-compose up' to get the server running.

    You can download the files from this link:

  • Thank you for this. Should make scaling in the cloud a lot more easier. What provider do you use to host and scale on?

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