Relatively New Player (Tailings Question)

  • I have just started getting into smelting, and don't know the proper ways to dispose of Tailings. Its a really small world so we can't just designate an area and put all of it there. I read about the below ground technique which we could do, but we have accumulated a TON of tailing. If we built a building to surround it would that keep it contained or any other advice?

  • Haven't done it by myself but EcoWiki sounds like what I've heard by other smelter. And I still hear the warning of not digging nearby to prevent breaking the seal.

  • the proper way currently is to dig into a mountain side. make sure you are 10 spaces away from water and encase it in stone. Best advise is to get to blast furnance asap and use it instead of the bloomery.

  • I am not sure how it works but it did not work for me. 20 spaces below the ground, 180% pollution.

  • I don't know what you've done differently. Maybe it's just a block you've missed, maybe something else. A faster way would be to ask #support in Discord. As I've said, it worked for the last smiths I've spoken to.

  • In case you haven't had your answer yet.

    Try encasing it in mortared stone at least 10 blocks below the nearest dirt/water blocks. I have heard various advice on this matter and the general rule is deeper is better.

    I have also heard that you can now encase tailings above ground now too. Has not been tried on the server i am on currently but If you are impatient then it is probable worth a try just be prepared for the problems that may follow.

    Also make sure it is within a stockpile.

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