I can't Run my server anymore BuG

  • I lost the power In my hole house When I was playing eco with 2 of my friends. We had 50 hours of game play in our serv but we lose all of it because the server dont lunch anymore cause of a windows bug or something. We play with the steam tool Eco server. So I uninstall that tool but I saved the hold file where My serv is save. Anyway If an admin can help me to have my serv back I would be very happy. ( If you have an admin who speak french It will be perfect :P)

  • French is like Spanish to me, sorry ;)
    I could offer you German...

    Your Game.eco may be corrupted. You can open it by renaming it to Game.zip to check integrity.
    In case it is corrupt I hope you have still access to the backups - standard is every 4 hours therefore you would have lost 2 hours.

    I had no such incident by myself therefore I have no experience to offer.
    Check out backup files for server ? how do you use them ? and a detailed answer in Server population at 0 after server restart.

    Btw Steam tool EcoServer is exactly the same as in [Path]\Eco\Server\

  • thank you very much I try to take an old back from The same server And switch off The Game.eco File and it work. I lose maybe 4 hours of game play :) Thats it

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