Server Interest?

  • So as I read these forums I constantly see people enjoy the game and are frustrated by the fact server go up and close so fast. I am interested In playing this game but have no friends playing it so doesn't seem worth investing in a server. If I was to get a small simple server to start, on a 3-month billing rotation(can upgrade if needed) who would be interested. Think of this as a survey :) If interested shoot me a PM and we will go from there.

  • I'm in the same boat. I just signed up for 3 months today and it's up and running. Would love to have some company. It takes like 5 minutes to show up in the server list, so the direct address is below for "Add Server"...

    Description: EcoNex - 2X SP - Large world - 45d Meteor - Medium collab

  • There's also a #server-ads channel in our Discord if you'd like to post an ad for your server there.

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