The deed system

  • Hello,

    First of all. Thanks for having me, this game is great and has huge potential.

    I wanna touch on the deed system and give my two cents on it. Perhaps you can share you ideas and thoughts about it too.

    So. First of all. I don't see a need to have a deed system at all. I think that on every building/vehicle/object there should be a button called "access" for example. Here you can set the desired authorisation for certain player on the object.

    This would eliminate the need of having the deeds stored in your backpack or chests, they simply wouldn't exists because everything will be handled inside each object.

    This touches on my next point. Instead of a deed system there should be some kind of party system instead (call it what ever you want). Everyone have the ability to create a party and invite other players to their party. This is done via an in-game GUI (accessed by the "P" shortcut on your keyboard?).

    Once you're in a party with someone you automatically have access to EVERYONES stuff who's in the party if that makes sense. This means that you don't ever have to deal with special authorisation at all. It'll be handled automatically.

    Although if need be, you can edit an object and remove someones authorisation so even if they're in your party they can't use the specified object

    Please let me know what you think about this idea. If you don't like it then I'd love to hear what you have to say!

    Thank you in advance for reading my thread!

  • Besides that I have my issues with the actual deed-system:

    With a deed you can authorize someone while being on the other side of the world. So distance matter.

    @ Party-system: you can change auth to inherited. In fact most objects start with inherited.
    Problem with inherited is that you have to be very careful when adding someone to your house-deed. That's why contract boards have a special deposit to prevent harm or at least try to minimize it.
    I agree that it would be nice to have some Party-entries, too. It would be much easier to auth one or more parties than each player individually.

    Then there are vehicles which work not the same way. At the moment you have to add additional auth each time you place it in the world. Put your vehicle-deed in the vehicle and anyone can pick it up. That way ownership changes.
    Could be changed by adding a button>>list in the deed-UI.

    My suggestion would be to have a Book of Deeds instead of multiple deeds which easily can spam your inventory in mid/late-game. Either in addition to the backpack or as a simple button (D?) which opens all your deeds and works like the backpack (B).

  • I understand what you are saying but I still don't see the point of having the deed item itself. They could easily make everything accessible from a GUI instead of making everything item based.

  • When is a building a building? When there are rooms? In that case Eco would have to calculate before each and every action whether it's ok or not by checking for a room. How big can a room be? Is there a max-size? And who's the owner of a building? The one who sets the last stone to enclose a room? When there are two or more rooms belonging to more than one player? It's not that easy as it seems. But I'll listen...
    A vehicle is a vehicle, that's simple.
    Objects like tables and chests...

    So no claims? 'cause with claims you have to store them somewhere.
    At the moment you have a deed for each property which consists of various claims (5x5).
    What would you suggest instead?

    Objects either refer to the deed/claim (inherited) or are authorized individually.
    You can call inherited party and authorized not authorized... there is not much difference.
    Except that I also would like to see some defined Parties aka group of users instead of all or none or keep adding.

    Problem of playing without claims would be that anybody could change blocks around your house and you couldn't prevent it.
    Objects only belong to you when they are placed (partially) on in claim. Same effect, they are save of being dug out or buried under a pile of dirt or whatever comes next.

    If you have claims you have to have a way to manage them. How would you unclaim a plot?

  • I agree that having 'deeds' be a separate GUI portion and not an item would be nice, but we do NEED deeds. The game revolves around creation of society after all. Gotta have towns and cities and such.

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