Dealing with airpolution

  • Hello everyone,

    i think there should be a good way to deal with airpolution because at the moment, the only way i know is to build a high chimney in an area you don't care, and watch as the air pollution rises and brings ground pollution with it. I think it would be a good idea to have some high tech technology that allows you to clean up the polluted air, so one can really play environmentally friendly. Maybe it if that technology was available so early that one can, from the beginning, clean up the polluted air and spread none at all.

  • Please check EcoIssues and in case none has suggested it yet post it there, too. I'd like your idea to be included. Maybe as a special, higher tier pipe which includes air filter technology.

  • Not a bad idea. We have charcoal, it shouldn't be hard to create a 'filtered pipe' to cut pollution by 50% or something like that.

  • I probably wouldn't have that technology available right away, because in the real world it took us a while to really figure it out (and it's still not perfect), but I definitely agree that adding scrubbers to the game would be a great idea!

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