MOving mode: always strafing left

  • When i hit Tab to go in to the moving mode, I'm always strafing left. Even when i hit A i still move, it doesnt end. If i hit D i just stop in the middle as if im pressing both. Iv been in to settings, closed all other programs. I dont know what else to do.

  • most likely another controller input . i am pretty sure this is not a bug .. had some one else having similar issue .. turned out that his space mouse was bugging

  • I've had this bug too, since Build 2 was released, sometimes it helps quitting and re-log. But not always though.

    I think I may have found a workaround to this problem until it gets fixed.

    If strafing left, then quit the game and close it.

    When opening the ECO launcher, try to assign Strafe Left to an unused key and then assign it back to the A key. Then launch the game.

    So far it has worked for me everytime.

  • Just wanted to mention that this is still happening in the new release.. :)

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