I cant play anymore bc of a Tree the game crash

  • Just like i wrote above, i choped down a tree normally on my world and after this i wanted to chop him into pices. The Tree simply dissapeared and i thought WTF? but ok i dont care now. Later after i reconnected i got teleported back to where i choped down the tree and then the tree was back too. I though k why not make him into pices and every thing is ok, no its not! The game crash as soon as i start to chop the trunk with this message:

    Caught exception:

    <size=60,00%>Caught exception invoking RPC PlayerInteract on Player!

    Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt.

    bei TreeEntity.PickupLog(Player player, Guid logID)
    bei TreeEntity.OnActInteract(InteractionContext context)
    bei Eco.Gameplay.Interactions.InteractionExtensions.ExecuteUntilSuccess(IEnumerable`1 results)
    bei Eco.Gameplay.Players.Player.PlayerInteract(InteractionInfo info)

    bei Eco.Shared.Networking.RPCManager.TryInvoke(Object controller, String methodname, BSONObject bsonArgs, Object& result)
    bei Eco.Shared.Networking.RPCManager.InvokeOn(BSONObject bson, Object controller, String methodname)
    bei Eco.Shared.Networking.RPCManager.HandleReceiveRPC(INetClient client, BSONObject bson)
    bei Eco.Shared.Networking.NetPort.ProcessBuffer()
    bei Eco.Shared.Networking.NetPort.Update()
    bei Eco.Plugins.Networking.Clients.Client.<.ctor>b__56_0()

    since this i cant play anymore bc the tree is right in the way and i need to chop him down!

    Lasted game version Beta

  • Check out EcoIssues for similar cases and a possible solution and/or report it.
    Please keep us informed...

  • This is a common bug after last patch had a world go bad couldn't dig. made a new world within 10 mins happened with picking up a tree log. I gave up till they sort it.

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