Is it possible to change the settings for the World Collaboration size?

  • As I clicked on Low , which is 1-3 players but i didn't realised until today. I need a bigger size. Is it possible to change it without having to create a new world? Thanks much.

  • Yes. Just check out [Path]\Eco_Data\Server\EcoServer.exe >> Difficulty Settings (and any other changes you might wanna try).
    After making a backup of your [Path]\Eco_Data\Server\Configs\ folder save your changes in the UI (EcoServer >> File >> Save).
    I assume you're running an Online Server. So compare the online configs with the one you've just saved locally and make the proper adjustments. Then restart the server and as long as you haven't messed up things should be fine :)

  • Thank you for your help!

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