Campfire can't cancel/collect

  • Please help

    I have made a campfire in the workbench, it wouldn't allow me to collect it though it was ready, and now I can't cancel it as ''not enough room in inventory''. I have removed everything from my inventory into my chest and I still can't get rid of it!

  • Campfire costs Stone and Log. You can Carry either Stone or Log but not both at the same time. That's why you can't cancel the order.

    You can link your Workbench to a Stockpile. That way you could cancel the order as long as the linked Stockpile has enough free space to accept the Stone and Log.

    If you have no stockpile yet or if it's too far away you can give yourself one using Chat >> /give stockpile - as long as you're in single player or being the admin of an online server.

    You could also try to link your workbench with your chest. That way the campfire should be transferred into the chest automatically.

    If you're a normal user logged into an abandoned world were none except you is playing you may wanna invite someone to join you and help you out.

    If neither works be assured that you're not the first one who discovered this bug ;)

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