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    .exe won't work for me. as a Mac user, am I able to admin my own server somehow (yet?) I have Steam and understand Mac's can't run servers there (yet?)

    I don't seem to be able to play in a single player world of my own either.

    if I pay for one of those dedicated server cloud places, can I run a server that way?

    my first two servers were abandoned by the admins, leaving me all alone until the servers went offline so I lost everything I'd built (boo hoo) and I have no way of knowing if or when the next server I choose might also go belly up.

    I'd also like to start fresh, on a new world, rather than join another on the list, as most of those are weeks/months old and leave me at the mercy of more admins I don't know and who could abandon the server again.

    I don't mean to poop on your parade but it seems like 90% of the servers listed have no actual "active users" or require passwords and I rarely ever see anyone at all "online" actually playing the game in a world I can access, let alone play in, let alone start fresh in on a relatively equal level with the other players, know what I mean?

    thanks for any suggestions..... apologies for my frustrations..... just trying to to play this game on a world I can call my own, ya know?

  • I'm no Mac user but I think I've seen a similar thread here in the forum. Iirc a dev linked to a server setup for Mac, too.
    Unfortunately EcoWiki doesn't show a solution for Mac.

    You may try @NoBlackThunder said:

    Howdy all of you ! in case you have not noticed it yet! We have a discord server here cheers

    or @Caduryn said:

    Should never expire.

    Or post an USER ISSUE at GitHub (see signature).

    Keep you head up, don't be frustrated :)

  • Hope this helps @ClayC said:

    @Shelak Please visit and follow the Client(Mac) link after you login.

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