[suggestion] Skill Planner

  • I've been scouting the internet for something about skill planning. or a skill directory for Eco but didn't find anything.

    What I was looking for is a website that allows me to assign points in the specializations to plan out my development. I understand that point gains (time) and costs are dependant on contribution levels but I'm sure there is a way to factor those in using a calculator/drop downs etc.

    Just having a path to refer too would be nice, however, what I find 'hard' as a new guy is figuring what needs what and what I gain from said specializations. (IE, what recipes unlock etc).

    anyways that's my 2c :)

  • A rudimentary Wiki page about Skills for the start. Keep in mind that Eco is in Beta and therefore number may have and will change.

    While the first skills are free the basic cost to learn a new one increases more and more.

    Hover with your mouse above any blue link in-game and continue moving to those in the pop-up. Don't click, just hover, except on and x more.

  • I managed to figure out some things that way but its complex (for me right now)

    and i totally get it's early access (beta) but i figured id toss in the suggestion :)

  • In fact you can do the same by opening the Skill (lower left) GUI and walking your way through. Just check Show all (lower left) and you can see all possible skills.

    While playing singleplayer you might wanna cheat a bit while learning to understand the possibilities of the game. In that case Chat >> /help may give you a few hints.

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