Iteration of server browser: Usability

  • Hi,

    now that your game gains quite some traction, especially with the steam release, I think it is about time to re-consider your very basic server browser GUI and functionality. It might be suited for basic connectivity but with hundreds of servers being in there, it no longer is up to the task. It needs a re-design / rehaul to be up to date to scale to the needs of that magnitude.

    Some suggestions I would consider:

    1. Seperate GUI update loop from network activity. GUI functionality must not lag when refreshing the array in the background.

    2. Derease font size and the whole area showing a server entry. Having the luxury of using so much space for a single entry is no longer a valid path if you want a server browser that is readable. You need more entries on the screen per page to reduce scrolling in that immense list. Best would be to have one row per entry, <NAME> <PING> <PLAYER/MAXPLAYER> <UPTIME> etc.
      Look at how many entries a good solid browser shows on one screen, and how small the font (yet clear) it is to achieve this goal:

    3. Sorting options by ping, by player amount, by max players, by uptime, by name, etc. (and reverse sorting aka standard functionality basically)

    4. Filter options: Game options, meteor, skillgain, min/max amount of player, min/max ping, min/max uptime, etc.

    5. Save filter option and remember sorting.

    6. Refresh all / Quick Refresh .
      -Refresh all will fetch a complete new server list
      -Quick refresh will only get updates on the currently shown servers on your list (AKA filters applied).

    I guess there is more, but that is what I can do out of my head.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!


    1. spoken languages (multiple, not one; at least two), ...

    Please check out EcoIssues and post it there, too.

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