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  • Allow me to introduce myself: I’m rythana, World Leader of the Draken Rising Eco server. Draken Rising is a private server that could use a few good citizens. We have implemented a standard currency called Drakes and we have a strong infrastructure including a great network of roads, a helpful and friendly community, a Treasury, and a Mint. We have a marketplace area zoned for small shops where you will be able to trade even with offline players. We are working on a price-guideline sheet that will help players calculate their costs and suggest prices for all the items in the game.

    We need more people covering professions throughout the course of the day and night. We are aiming to have at least two people on each profession to maximize the likelihood of there being someone online. I will work with you to find roles that are needed on our server as new players join.

    We have a Discord server where most players on voice chat. All new players will receive an invite to it, though it is not necessary to use the voice chat. In-game chat works just as well if you do not have a mic or do not like to talk. I use text channels on the Discord to circulate polls and surveys as well as proposals and agendas for our once-weekly server Town Meetings.

    I try to solve all problems on the server very democratically. Controversial issues that crop up on the server are addressed at the weekly Town Meetings and followed up with a poll of all citizens which determines the direction of the server. For an example of a meeting, see a recording of last Saturday’s meeting here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/239760688?t=00h23m14s

    We emphasis cooperation and a strong economy on our server. There is a starting package for new players of 50 skill points and 30 Drakes, which should allow for more freedom and the ability to gain a profession quickly so that you can buy and sell goods to support yourself. There is also a free food chest in Town Hall which contains tier one foods and raw ingredients to prevent new players from starving. We also have a Contract Board set up in the town’s center, which allows players to hire each other to complete specific tasks. If you find yourself running into trouble or in need of a job to do, just message me and I’ll help you find whatever you need. If I’m unavailable, there are plenty of helpful citizens around at all hours to assist you.

    We have about 10 regulars who play during the day (EST) and some during the night (EST). The server has been up for 18 days, though most of the past week has been spent figuring out how to implement the standard currency in a fair manner. The meteor is currently scheduled to hit in about 12 days; we will be holding a vote over the options to keep the meteor, move its impact date back, or remove the meteor from the game.

    We are looking for players who are age 18+. English is our prefered language. Timezone and total daily availability are not important, as long as you can play regularly. You should be able to at least log on to feed yourself daily.

    If interested in joining Draken Rising, send a message to /u rythana on reddit or username rythana2 on the Eco game forums. I will be interviewing any interested gamers. After the short interview, I will supply the Discord link and server info, including password.

    Hope to see you in game!


  • Hello Eco forum people, I am Meri of the Draken Rising Eco private server. I’ve helped our lovely mayor with various tasks around the town as well as some document advice.

    I am a farmer who has maxed out gathering skills under the whole Forest Gathering side. Also working on getting my Grassland Gathering and connecting nodes leveled. My other skills include most of the Construction building parts such as Wood Construction and Stone Construction, and I am working on getting more points for whatever construction is left over. And very willing to help build new player shops and homes if they just ask.

    In terms of our economy, I have various jobs that any new player can assist with. I pay based on the items harvested. Most of my jobs require the person to mine stone and move dirt, occasionally I will ask for logs. Nothing too fancy.

    Speaking of money, I am also the one who has decided to undertake the responsibility of attempting to price every item in the game. It is a very crazy task but if anyone wishes to help me on this, please hit me up on discord, I could really use the help and opinions are always welcome.

    If you’d like to have a chat about our server or Eco in general, hit me up on Discord: Meri#2370

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