Jellytoast - 3/20 started, Medium Collab, 4x skill rate, 30 day meteor, looking for more!

  • Looking for people to join us. Please let me know if there are any problems joining.

  • Says the server is offline.

  • Reset for configuration change. Verify. Direct connect via

  • Game server recently had a file corruption regarding one of the save states. It has caused a roll-back to 3/21, 5:20PM EST

    Parameters of the server were modified for additional backups at more recent intervals. The new period for backup states is 30 minutes.

  • It was brought to my attention that I didn't specify the port on the ip address. To connect it's:

  • Updated Discord Link:

  • Still looking for more, we're a little light on friends ATM.

  • Hello everyone! Just letting you know that on 4/20 (Or sooner, depending on this game goes. We're just having fun right now), we'll likely be starting a high collab with standard leveling settings, no SP refunds, for the full hardcore eco experience. I would recommend joining now if you're looking to just learn about the game and get into it in-depth and be ready for when the new game goes live to get a head start with us. I try to run the server with as little downtime as possible! We're running 15 minute backups for the possibility of the unknown. Please report any issues on the Discord and they will be addressed as soon as I am able.

    Dedicated Server specifications:
    RAM: 64GB DDR4 @ 2666MHZ
    CPU: i7-8700k 8/16 @ 4.8GHZ
    Graphics: 1080TI.
    Additional Power Systems: 1500W/H Battery Backup System
    Network: Fiber Line: 250Mbps/100Mbps.

    Recent server events:
    Crash, and World corruption (3/24, 9:24PM-9:30PM, 4 minute roll-back to 9:20PM)
    Unexpected network outage (3/25, 9:30-9:40PM, Fiber optic UPS battery failure, resolved)
    Bad network configuration, latency issues (3/25 9:40-9:46PM, Permanently resolved.)

  • Sever Crash:

    3/26 - 12:57AM-1:02AM. (RPC Chat Manager, server side stopped responding... No recovery coded into game, froze tick cycles and disconnected users.)

  • Attempted to do a server update to 7.3.0, unfortunately even on a fresh install it's crashing each time. Reverted to previous stable version and resuming operation of 7.2.5.

  • Good news, server is upgraded to 7.3.0.

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