Help, I've fallen and can't get up.....

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    I've fallen inside a hole, inside one of many full stockpiles surrounding me. the "unstuck" feature just returns me to my plight. I'm unable to move the stock around to make an opening or climb out. what can I do? is there a feature that will re-start me somewhere else, like the bed in Minecraft, etc, or at least get me out of this jam right now?

    also, the leader for the server I'm on has disappeared for over a week now, and I've already had to re-start because of a shut down server, is there a way for me, and/or my new friend on this server, to make sure everything we've done isn't all for nothing, again?

    thanks for your help,

    Stuck Pig

  • Well, an admin could teleport you somewhere else... without an active admin...
    I assume neither you nor your friend has access rights to this stockpile and none that has access is still playing in your world. Otherwise you wouldn't have asked in the first place.
    And the coordinate you're located is claimed by a non-playing citizen, too (not the whole stockpile has to be within a claim to be owned). Otherwise your friend could have locked you in by building a roof above you which you could have penetrated by using the /unstuck command to get free.

    ...while there may be more ways I'm running out of assumptions while typing...

    Or have I mentioned something you haven't thought of by yourself?

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    no active admin on my server..... just two noobs alone for over a week hoping the server stays up.

    I have access rights to the stockpile I'm stuck in, and the stockpiles surrounding me, problem is that I have about 8 stockpiles, all full of stone, surrounding me, and I just happened to fall in a hole smack in the middle (thinking they were all full, so walked on top) and I can only take 20 rocks at a time and put them in one other stockpile, I feel like I'm locked in a Jenga cube.

    so..... is there anything I can do to move? or..... do I have to start my 3rd server and hope the leader actually stays and plays this time, so my time isn't wasted again?

  • As long as you have access rights and a friend is around you you should have no problem to solve your problem ;)
    Why aren't you filling up your hole by yourself? That should be the easiest way...
    In case you two really don't know what to do send me your server string and I may join for a few minutes...

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    my new server friend isn't online, and knows less about this game than I do, so he can't help..... not sure how he could anyway, he doesn't have access rights to my stockpiles.

    how do I fill the hole myself? I can't place the 20 rocks I can get from a stockpile in the place where I'm standing, and there are rocks piled 5 high in every stockpile surrounding me. I can't dig down through the stockpile.

    you say I should have no problem..... and yet this game seems to be nothing but problems like this, all stemming from the lack of active admins on the servers available. if I really knew what to do why would I be here writing this, seriously? and no, I don't know how to start up my own server on my imac, otherwise I wouldn't be stuck in this situation either. not sure how you propose to solve the problem yourself without access rights to my stockpiles, not sure how to change the rights, or if I can from where I'm stuck, either.

    any suggestions? other than suggesting this should be easy and shouldn't be a problem?

  • You can move stacks around by yourself. Just move some stone from another stockpile to your jail...
    Use "shift" click to split the amount you wanna move.
    There is no need to "carry" any stone at all.

    As of access right, just give him "Auth" and he can do the same thing.

    Or you tell me on which server you're logged in and I could join and help you out instead of posting here...

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    "I can't place the 20 rocks I can get from a stockpile in the place where I'm standing..." the opening of the hole has since been covered up by my attempts to move rock around to create an opening. placing one, or 20 rocks at a time makes no difference to my problem.

    friend may never show up again, who knows?

    losing interest, thanks anyway. not much point playing on a server with no admin/leader anyway. not much point trying another server when I'm at the mercy of awol admins. looks like 30 bucks down the drain. too bad as I was enjoying the game but noob friendly? hardly.


  • See, I've offered you twice to join you to help you out. As far as you've described your situation it doesn't seem to be a real problem but one a newbie could face while being on his own. Either you accept my help or not I doubt it's fair to blame the game for not offering a tutorial dealing with very rare situations like the one you're in right now.

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    got no clue how to give you the server string, of course, but the title of the server on the list is, "Infinum - 3/4 - NO METEOR - faster skills, etc.....", if that helps you help me.

    my apologies for the frustrations I've been experiencing..... just venting and wasn't blaming you. your supposedly easy suggestions weren't working for me, and being trapped in a stockpile for 2 days trying to Jenga my way out might not have me at my best. sorry eh. I do appreciate that there is someone here making some attempt to teach an old pig these new tricks.

    bailing me out of this current situation would be nice but I was lamenting on the longterm problem of being on a server without an admin, and not knowing my fate on other problems that don't seem to be real to anyone other than me

    not sure how, or if I can start my own server so I can resolve these supposedly easy problems by myself, but starting again, and trying to learn everything in this game hasn't made me feel this stupid in a long time, know what I mean?

    once again, thanks for any help..... I'll be trapped inside my stockpile listening to the birds chirping in the meantime.

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    finally Jenga-ed my way out of the stockpile.

    sorry to take up your time.

    I'll look into how to start up my own server someday maybe but still hooked to the toys I've made this week and staying on this server for as long as it lasts, I guess.

    the next world is always supposed to be a better one, right?

  • Well, Eco is still searching for your world "Infinum - 3/4 - NO METEOR - faster skills, etc....."...
    Tried "meteor" and "infi" 'cause in case of any typing error. Still waiting to show up...

    Please describe what you've done step by step. Because I assume you won't be the only pig that ends up in your situation ;)

    To start your own, private server just start [PATH]\Eco\Eco_Data\Server\EcoServer.exe
    Remember to not close it as you'll need it while playing with [PATH]\Eco\Eco.exe

    Check out the forum and/or wiki as there is at least one detailed instruction how to setup a non-private server in case you wanna play with friends hosting Eco by your own.

    Playing as admin check out wiki and/or use chat "/help"... you'll see what I mean.

    Just use your private single player server to test some things out - you'll profit joining a world after the april update (0.8.x.x) goes live.
    In case you're running Win10 x64 check out the latest staging on or steam beta.

    ...still not found your server...

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    my mistake, there's a hyphen at the start, maybe that will make a difference.....

    -Infinum- 3/4 -No Meteor- Faster Skills

    (word for word, character by character, in the "Join a Server" list or my name's not Pig.)

    I'm ok now that I'm out of the stockpile. think I just got lucky moving 20 rocks at a time into the right position to make a way out of this stockpile maze. reminded me of the movie "Cube."

    I'll work on getting my own server up and running eventually. hope it's possible and not much more complicated for Mac users like me. in the meantime I'll keep learning on this server unless it disappears like my first.

    thanks again for your help and if you ever find "my" server I can offer you some hot charred corn and with raw fish and huckleberries as a small token of my noobie gratitude.

  • There's a search-box and while it's lagging it accepts case insensitive input.
    Once I've jumped between glass (when it was nearly invisible) and it was easy to escape by using those nearby stockpiles.
    You can staple stockpiles, too. Just place a layer of material above the first and voile la. Or dig under the first... welcome to Hypercube :D

    To start a private single player server is easy. Just start [PATH]\Eco\Eco_Data\Server\EcoServer.exe
    You can change various parameters, just check it out.
    In-game use chat command "/help" and you can do nearly anything what you want... even fly out of a trap ;)

    And keep in mind Eco is still beta. There is much to criticize but it's beta.

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