General Feedback

  • Hey developers/anyone who reads this,

    I would like to give some general feedback on my experience after around 10 hours into the game, basically no feedback with the stuff later in the game just early.

    1. The first thing that annoyed me was that, after playing the game the previous day, i came back to an updated game that looked no better, had no settings turned up etc. but the frames turned to garbage. I had to turn down my view distance and settings just play, i have a decent computer too which could easily run the game before but im not sure whats happening now.

    2. I know the game is still early access but a bug or glitch like this should not be in the game at this current time. When selecting an item and say dragging it to storage or my inventory, it can sometimes become de-selected and just float on the screen. This causes me to have to relog and it gives my friends trouble and annoyance just in general when this occurs, and it is quite frequent.

    3. As i said, i know this game is early access but a system in which you can drop items would be good, or a way to delete items.

    4. The way that blocks like stone and ores are not curved on the sides makes it hard to traverse sometimes because you dont "automatically slide" up the corner of the block like you do with grass, snow etc.

    5. Sometimes when digging, you can see through a block and into the world above and around you. I'm not sure what causes this glitch but it can be an annoying one because if you jump into said block, it can shoot you up into the world and you can come back down and just infinitely fall.

    6. Delay with crafting benches, its not a must but its just a general improvement

    That's mostly it, anything more and i will post again. Thanks for this amazing game, i only pointed out the bad things i could see but other than that, i love this game already.

  • I wood like al so two add a General request if its not in the game off a idea pleas can ther be a norther option all items such as vircall smelting and eney other peloton tips off Bild two go eletrik or a nother sors of power or moshen off transport two not be so polshon free of this is ok it is all redey in the game or in the works sorry two bother you

    al so pleas can I request that the taylens for compost be puched up as a hiyer priortey pleas

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