/ignore command

  • Yes I know we are supposed to work together but on some servers you get on there are some people
    that are just way too annoying and I don't want to see their garbage.

    There really should still be a /ignore,. /unignore and /ignorelist command in this game so that you don't see
    anything from the individual if they are on ignore.

    The /unignore takes the person off of ignore

    the /ignorelist shows you currently who you have on ignore

    I think the developers really need to put something like this in place so that people
    who are harassing other players can be ignored and not see it any longer

    When I do a /? to see a list of all the commands I do not see anything like
    this implemented in this game like this.

    Can you please add something like this?

    Thank you,

  • Well, you can't get rid of broadcasts but you can get rid of specific channels including private channels @[Player] by clicking on the "x" (right). These channels are moved to Hidden and can be reactivated clicking on "o" (right). I know, that's not what you're asking for but that's at least a way to block private messages from annoying players.

  • No Thineboot I want to get rid of just the ONE individual NOT everyone.

    They really need to put a /ignore command on this game to be able to filter out events
    from a single individual.

    What you said will make it so you won't see anything from anyone.. That is not the solution
    to this issue.

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