Time on server is frozen, never night anymore

  • Server, Client or Website?

    Detailed Description of Issue:
    We are playing with 2 clients on 1 dedicated server. For some reason the day/night cycle stopped working. The 'clock' around the map never progresses forward and there are no night-animations, the sun is allways in the same place.

    Client Version? [Alpha .01 for example] beta both server and clients, non-steam (download from strangeloopgames.com)

  • Sounds like a server issue. Contact the server-provider and/or support@strangeloopgames.com

  • There is a server command if you are an admin that will do this. That command is /day . The only way to reverse this is to change the TimeOfDayScale back to 48, so I would check what that is set to on your server.

    It can be found under Simulation->Config->TimeOfDayScale
    Or modify the EcoSim.eco - you will see this probably near the end of the file
    "TimeOfDayScale": 48.0

    See if this works for you

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