Change the temperature of a plot....

  • I find in various post that is possible to change the temperature of a plot.

    Seems that increasing or decreasing altitude of a plot area of 5x5 will increase or decrease temperature.

    1st question, more high less temperature?
    2nd question, how i can irrigate high terrain if my water source is in a lower plot? Any suggestion?

    What im trying to do is to convert a desert area in a suitable area, irrigated and so on...

    Thanks for the help

  • Temperature and moisture don't appear to update. I checked some cliff plots with extreme differences between the z levels of various blocks, and the temperature doesn't change. Likewise, irrigation - if it's working as intended - ignores z levels at the moment. You should even be able to create a floating farm this way. On mountainous maps you can use this to your advantage by excavating farm areas into cliff sides.
    You can also take a triple optimal plot and build a farm tower. Even bushes don't seem to suffer much from extreme overcrowding, and with high enough skill levels you'll get a minimum yield of 6 per plant anyway, even if base yield is only 1.

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