Is there a shared ban list?

  • I was wondering if there was a shared ban list that contains keys of players who have been caught griefing or harassing other players that new server admins can just add to their server to avoid experiencing the same trouble players.

  • In a world with only benevolent admins that would be perfect. Unfortunately admins are also human...
    Therefore you would need two lists. And bad people can flag good people, too...

    Eco tracks nearly everything in-game. So SLG could use these data... but wait, have we signed up for Big Brother and do we wanna end up in 1984?
    There's the reputation system in each world. Why not combine these data. Hmm, well, trolls would never ever abuse this system, right?
    Ok, here's the golden cow for SLG: pay SLG to run their own overwatched servers with paid admins 24/7. They would have to interview each applicant, train them, send players in their worlds to evaluate their work, ..., hey, unemployment solved as long as players could afford the costs.

    Laws should serve your good cause and lower the damage bad people could do within a short time. A reasonable way could be to establish some basic laws in addition to Citizenship to encourage new players to get in contact with other players. Like limiting the damage you could do to a world by griefing without proper consent.

    We'll see what SLG and the community will come up with, what's good, what's bad. I doubt a blacklist will show up at the top. Even with good intentions it could do more harm than you might expect in the first place. Just give it a thought or two.

  • Putting aside the "realism" aspect (simulation of social interactions) and focusing in on banning players within a game perhaps this can still be possible, provided there is a suitable process in place.

    In order for a "bad" person to flag a "good" person the good person would still need to login to a bad persons server, and then be banned. Perhaps the servers which contribute to a global ban list are authenticated servers (perhaps SLG approved or similar). These become "save servers" where players are less likely to be trolled (since the trolls have greater risk associated with their activities there).

    In addition to this we could have a system where after the player is flagged a number of times on different authenticated servers they oly then receive a global lock-out ban (since it appears the same players re-offend on multiple servers).

    The bad players I'm trying to target are those that work in groups to run military-style operations, who work out the fastest way to make tailings and distribute them throughout the game world - they go from server to server, doing the same thing. This seems to be a troll trend that has formed.

    Personally, I think SLG is rather light on punishment for players. There seem to be no visible code of conduct, guidelines or rules in place and instead place most of the responsibility on servers external to them. They need to think more like Valve.

  • Anything like this would be a horrible idea! It would end up doing more harm than good
    having a shared ban list.

    some admins ban people for NO just cause what so ever and a person could end up being
    on this shared ban list without any kind of reason.

    Deal with your own server and don't worry about what is happening on another server.

    This is an absolutely horrible idea to have any kind of a shared ban list please
    do not implement something like this devs!

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