Linux Server "Failed to add firewall rule"

  • I tried to set up a Server (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Mono). Everytime i try to start it i get the following error message "Failed to add firewall rule for webserver: Cannot find the specified file".
    The webserver (Port 3001) is available, the gameserver (Port 3000) not. Has anybody encountered or solved this issue?

  • The message doesn't have anything to do with it. It always displays it.

    Note that you have to connect with the 3001 port. You can check wether the server is listening with e.g. ss -l.

  • Had the same issue. Just connect to instead of even if it says something about the port ingame...

  • You both simply confused the ports. 3000 is the game port used when connectED. For querying the game uses 3001, so you'll also have to use as address the query port.

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