all stockpiles/tables/carts(except one) disapeared

  • hi, all our stockpiles/tables/carts(except one) disapeared. we rebooted the server and nothing changed. is there any way of a backup of the server? we rent a server at g-portal.
    any help? :S

  • You can save the by yourself if there is no autobackup functionality. If you open that file with winrar you can see multiple folders, maybe your worldobject folder has corrupted/deleted data. If you open it you can see Items with an unique ID. Check if the folder is filled with data (e.g. Stockpile-51f2ef15e509428fa1e4cb17958aac8c). This would be a proper entry in the folder.

    If you open it, you will find strange Text (notepad++ can help) you see details about ownership and stuff (bit confusing).

    Give it a check.

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